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Raising kids

My wife and I had three sons,  now fine grown men. When we reflect on their teenage years, we recall many happy memories, but also some frightening moments.

During the rebellious, emotional ups and downs we discovered valuable lessons. First, we learned to hold a steady, consistent course so our kids could have something stable to look toward.  If we strayed in the slightest, it magnified in our children. They scrutinized and challenged everything we said and did.   As our children attempted to find their own way, they tested us for purity and validity. No amount of speeches or punishment worked. Communication, listening, and love helped most. We also soon discovered our example meant much more than mere words.

Another lesson learned was to maintain a close fellowship with our Lord. He was our Guide, our Counselor, Friend and the source of our strength. Because of this we were able to give each child to God.  He could go with them where we couldn’t and speak to each one when our words didn’t reach them.

Now we praise God for His miracles and His answered prayers for our family.  We still hold those tall strapping men,  our precious daughters by marriage, and now our grandchildren up to God and leave them in His care each day.

I clearly admit that my parenting skills are not the best.  I lay it at the hands of God.  He made my kids what they are today… and for that I say a prayer of thanks each and every day for the blessings that I have.


Sorry, Hell is still quite hot

My wife recently quit her job.  I continue to work at the same job even though she’s gone.  She quit and decided to never come back based on “ethical reasons.”  I, on the other hand, feel that my job in this inner city hospital, is much a kin to a missionary going off to a backwater part of the world to bring savages to Jesus. These people are as far from Christ as anyone can possibly get. My wife even said once, (before she gave up and quit) that “I’m sure there are some closet Christians here.  You just have to find them.”  Now, after she’s departed, she says, “even Lot had to leave Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Recently, I was at work having lunch with a float pool nurse who claimed to be Christian.  She was telling me her personal view of Jesus and it wasn’t anything like my view. It felt like some distorted Socialist religion where we all must be accepting of everyone as they are, in their sins. She explained, “We are all naturally sinful, we can’t help it.  So, as Christians, we have to accept them, as they are.”  I felt awkward, but I had to disagree.  I believe that once you decide to become a follower of Jesus, you might still have a sinful nature, but you must really do your very best to not sin.  Jesus died to forgive us of our past sins and give us passage to heaven.  He didn’t intend to suffer and sacrifice his life just so that we could continue to live our selfish evil life.  We can’t be perfect, but we can, at least try out best.

(John 8:1-11) Jesus saved a prostitute from being stoned to death.  Afterward, He forgave her and told her to “go and sin no more.”

Unfortunately,  there are many disagreements in religion.  Jesus confronted the Pharisees over differing views of specific verses in the only known Bible of that time.   We all know how that disagreement played out.

Many tend to make up their own version. The Seventh Day Adventists get around this uncomfortable roadblock by claiming that there is no real Hell.  Their version of “Hell” is simply being “separated from God,”   or to be in a place where God isn’t.  I believe differently.  I know that Hell is very real and it’s still hot.  Jesus talks more about Hell than anyone else in the Bible.  (Matthew 10:28, Mark 9:43).  He refers to it as a real place and describes it in graphic terms including raging fires and brimstone, and “the worm that doesn’t die.”  Jesus says the unsaved “will be thrown outside into darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 8:12).

Unfortunately, like my coworker,  there are a lot of people and a lot of churches who claim to be “Christian.”   Most people  like to hear a vanilla, non-confrontational sermon, and then go about their business for another six days.  The church elders love this also.  There’s no hurt feelings and the revenue is steady.   Instead of looking for a Church that teaches truth, many are looking for a church what will allow them to  live the lifestyle that they want to live regardless of how ungodly it really is. There are many churches today that have openly gay ministers preaching the  advantages of the lifestyle.

You can feel that this is not beholding to the teachings of Jesus.  Yes, he did say to “love your neighbor” and to “turn the other cheek.”   Many think that Jesus was only “love and acceptance.”  He said a lot more.

In (Matt 7:21) Jesus even says, “I never knew you” as he spoke about people that were unwilling to repent and live according to the commandments. How and why will “a man’s foes be they of his own household?” Because Christ asks you to take a stand. He asks you which side of the line you’re going to be on…and you prove which side you are on by “keeping the faith”. Everyone and everything is not “ok” or “accepted” by Jesus Christ.  He loves everyone,  but our behaviors have the power to leave us standing at a “door in which He will not open.”

A recent poll found, for every one American who  believed that he or she was destined for Hell, there are 120 who whole heartedly believe that they are going to Heaven. Yet Jesus Christ himself said otherwise.  He said “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few will find it.”  (Matthew 7:13-14)

We should be “loving and compassionate” but we should never allow ourselves to believe that Christ just accepts us how we are. That was never in the program. He’s always asked us to change, to repent, to get better, and to overcome the things that we struggle with. When we quit trying to align our wills with God, and start trying to get God to align His will with ours…that is when we start to lose our way.

Most people don’t want to realize that Hell is a very real place and it is still hot. Sin is still wrong, and the bible is God’s word and Jesus is the only way to salvation.  Knowing this, I believe that, in the end, there will be a huge number of unfortunate people that will be in for a really big surprise… some of which might have even call themselves “Christian.”



Trump visits the Pope

Hey,  has anyone been  keeping up with President  Trump’s travels lately?  He went to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and then to Vatican City to see the Pope.  While at Vatican City, the Pope presented Trump with his book on his views how to combat human-driven climate change.

Now, the news has reported this as perfectly normal.  As a matter of fact, it was mentioned in the initial story and was dropped.  I don’t know about all of you, but am I the only one that this bothers.  It disturbs me and, after a few days of stewing, I had to write something.

If I were the leader of the largest Christian group on the planet and I was meeting personally with the President of the United States… what would I talk about?

First, I will start by saying that I am not the Pope.  But if I were actually meeting the President,  I would talk about something different.  I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure that  President  Trump is not a believing Christian.  I  think  I would probably broach  this topic.  I feel that if I could get President Trump to accept Jesus as his savior, and to actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in his actions while as President, the policies and direction of the United States would change radically for the better.  I think that the whole world would be a better place.  I also think that the Pope missed a golden opportunity.

I realize that the Pope is not just any old preacher.  But I’m certain that any Sunday morning preacher would, at the first chance,  jump at the opportunity to inject their faith view, as well as, the Holy Scripture into their conversation in an effort to convert the President.

So what does the  Pope talk about… “global warming?”   I will say that I’m very disappointed.  Up until this meeting, I was actually supportive of the Pope.   No offense to any of  my Catholic  friends out there, but the  Pope is way off target.  This is clearly the  work  of Satan.  For  example, whenever an atheist argues against religion, he always brings up  “The  Inquisition period” of the  Catholic  church.  I say,  yes, the  Inquisition was horrible.  But you  don’t condemn all the peaceful Muslims for a few terrorists.  So why condemn  all the loving Christians  for  a few horrible individuals?  How could Christians torture and kill innocent people.  I  agree that this was evil and they were after the wealth.   Just like back then, there are still good Christian people out there within the Catholic Church, and the Pope is still doing evil things and  he is still chasing after the wealth that is within the global warming movement.

I read the Bible and I assume that the Pope does the same.  I can’t find a single reference to “global warming” anywhere in the Bible.  The Pope’s job is the spiritual leader of the largest Christian group on the planet.  His one job is to see to the overall spiritual health of the people.  He helps everyone find salvation through Jesus Christ.  He may also help people to understand  the teachings of Jesus, such as peace and love, which may go a long way in decreasing war, death and destruction.

Happy Easter


What did you do today? Did you go to church?   Did you even think about the sacrifice and the deeds, as well as the miracles done by our savior, Jesus?

In America we’re so blasé about religion. We’re so set in our ways about secular thought that we frequently miss the power of the Gospel. The teachings, morals, lessons, parables, and laws of the Judeo-Christian Bible (Old and New Testaments) hinge on one fact that prove their exclusive claim to truth. If Jesus did not die and rise from the grave, then nothing we preach is more than someone’s personal opinion.

Nonbelievers offer the same argument the Apostle Paul addressed in 1 Corinthians: “we do not believe in the resurrection of the dead.” From a purely naturalist viewpoint, it’s impossible. Paul wrote to a group of Christians who expressed faith in Christ but not in a resurrection of the dead.

Now if Christ is preached that He has been raised from the dead, how do some among you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ is not risen. And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty. Yes, and we are found false witnesses of God, because we have testified of God that He raised up Christ, whom He did not raise up—if in fact the dead do not rise. For if the dead do not rise, then Christ is not risen. And if Christ is not risen, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins! Then also those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.

1 Corinthians 15:12-19

If this event did not occur, there’s little difference in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and countless other religions from Christianity. The power of Zeus and Apollo to save would be no better than Jesus Christ were it not for the resurrection. The Bible would be nothing more than myth, which is exactly what many humanist/secular/atheist nonbelievers believe it to be.

But Paul also gave an answer to them (before he addressed resurrection in general).

For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve. After that He was seen by over five hundred brethren at once, of whom the greater part remain to the present, but some have fallen asleep. After that He was seen by James, then by all the apostles. Then last of all He was seen by me also, as by one born out of due time.

1 Corinthians 15:3-8

Christ has also appeared in dreams to thousands of people, most of whom are forever changed by the encounter. Large numbers of Jews and Muslims have become (and continue to this day) believers in Christ following these dreams, some after reading the New Testament confirming their own witness. Some never read the Bible before this, because the book is banned in many countries.

If the Bible is a myth, why is it considered so dangerous in so many places that it’s banned? Why is proselytizing banned in most Muslim-dominated countries, and in Israel? Why, despite the bans, are thousands of Jews, Muslims, and those living in officially atheist countries such as China coming to Christ?

The Bible is banned in more countries than any other single book–even Mein Kampf. In contrast, the Koran is only banned (uncensored) in Russia. That was in 2014…since then Vladimir Putin has cracked down on Christians harder than practically any other religious group.

Why does this happen? If the Bible is so easily disproved and cast aside as myth, why is reading that particular book considered to be so dangerous?

It is dangerous because they know in their heart that it is, in fact, true. God is real. Jesus did rise from the dead, and we, as members of the Christian faith, are the only people on earth who have real hope and an unobstructed clear path to the promised land.

Why Survive?

I am a prepper. I have been into the survival thing for many years. I collect ammo, supplies, emergency equipment and all sorts of survival stuff. I read, practice and train for the event of a zombie apocalypse or whatever you would call an apocyplical event. I read an article this morning that got me thinking about why I prepare. Let’s face it, we all have our idea of what we want our lives to be. We want to survive to support our children, prosper, and be ahead of the poor schmuck who didn’t take the time or effort to prepare. Then out of the blue, I really started thinking about what I really want as the final result of my worldly existence. What reasons do I personally feel make life worth living? My fondest memories of growing up don’t revolve around gifts or things I received as a child. I no longer remember, with some very few exceptions, what I unwrapped on most Christmas mornings of my youth. I do however still remember the anticipation as I waited for the big day to arrive, waking early, and knowing I couldn’t wait to open my gifts. But one particular Christmas morning stands out in my memory. As one by one my family awoke, we gathered around the tree, and just sat quietly. Then mom said how much she loved us all. Her smile beamed. I gave her a hug and we had some coffee and savored the moment. For a short time we were just glad to all be together, all healthy, and life was quiet and serene. There are very few days during my school years that stand out in my memory. But I can still picture in my youth every day my dad would take the time to give me undivided attention teaching me how to do man stuff, using hand tools to create something really cool from a pile of leftover scrap lumber. Things like teaching me to use a gun, set up a fishing line, to throw a cast net, and enjoy nature while tromping through the swamp is what I really remember. It wasn’t any special or even expensive. It was the little things, the every day things that my family did to show their love.

Now I’m not reminiscing on my childhood to put you to sleep. I simply wish to set the stage as I leisurely get to the point of this post. I love life to the fullest. I mean, I don’t really want to die. I quite frankly have no intention of doing so anytime soon. I’ve always been contrary, and with everyone trying to tell me that I ‘have’ to die sometime, it makes me more ornery and determined to prove them wrong. But why? What do I want to live for? America and the quality of all our lives has been constantly degraded by more and more regulation and violations of our rights. Liberal and socialist constructs continuously intrude into our private lives. So what is it that keeps me getting up every morning to face yet another day? I’ve given this a great deal of thought.

My oldest son brought his daughter (our granddaughter) over to babysit the other day while they went to a movie. When I look at her I wonder, as she gets older, how to keep her “entertained” when she’s here. I have only the basic of TV, only the most basic of internet.  In competing with modern day electronics, and what they teach in school now a-days, I worry how am I going to keep her enthused about spending time with this broken down old man. And I realized the answer lies in the things that gives my life meaning. All of my fondest memories from half a century revolve around creation. Taking scraps that would otherwise go to waste, and using skills my dad patiently taught me, making a house for a family of birds to nest in. Understanding the ring of life. Both in the birth of plants from the soil and animals from the womb. And so many small things. Painting a picnic table with my dad. Making home-made charcoal. Playing a game of baseball with the neighbor kids at the little community schoolhouse. Sitting in the woods, waiting for the squirrels to get used to my presence in their domain, and then NOT shooting one because they all seemed to be having so much fun. Then picking blackberries for my mom to make a cobbler for dinner.

I realized this morning I’m not prepping to survive, I work to live. If I can instill even a tenth of my reverence for the quiet life I prefer in my granddaughter, my life will not have been wasted. As a career nurse, I try to help people and do what I can to make life better. Life is not about getting more toys, more material goods or stuff to have. It’s about what you do, that counts. It’s also about who you spend your time with that counts. It’s about your family and your loved ones. And most of all, it’s about a healthy relationship with your maker.

So for my new 2017 new year’s resolution, I’m going to focus on my family. I’m going to call mom more. Go see my sister and my dad more. I’m going to spend more time with my three sons and my new granddaughter. And most of all, I’m going to pray more. I’m going to give up on the prepper thing. I’m going to put my trust in God and see what happens.

So basically, with the babysitting issue, I’m not going to entertain my granddaughter. I’m going to let her entertain me as I try to instill in her that it’s not he who dies with the most toys who wins. It’s he who has a great relationship with God, and who has worked to obtain an enriched life while working to the enrichment of others that wins.

When the World is on Fire, Be thankful.

For years, I’ve watched the news and kept up to date with the local and national political scene.  If you review this very blog, you can see how I’ve felt.  In this last year, I’ve made a commitment to work on only those things that I am able to make a constructive change.

Today I made the mistake of turning on the news. I found my senses instantly assaulted with stories of fighting politicians, corrupt corporations, and countless crimes. It seemed like the only news worth showing was mankind at its very worst. It seemed like the only thing they wanted to talk about was what went wrong today.

After a few minutes I turned the television back off. I poured myself a glass of wine, sat down at my kitchen table, and instead thought about what went right today. Today the sun came over the horizon and bathed the world in its golden, life-giving light. Today my little house once again kept me warm, safe, and dry. Today I had 3 meals of wonderful food that kept me healthy, alive, and energized for the work of the day. I went to my job and was able to relieve several people of their potentially devastating cancer.  Today, whenever I reached my hand down I had a furry head to pet as my cat shared his unconditional love with me. Today I got to hug and encourage my sons and see the joy that they share with the world.

Today I played with my grandbaby and was once again amazed at how beautiful she is. Today I got a call from family back in Alabama and they shared their lives and their love with me. Today I shared a few messages of love and joy myself.

Today I felt God’s warm love for me flowing through all of His creation and encouraging me to once again spread His love, tell His truth, and shine His light. When you are at the end of your days in this world,  are you going to dwell on what went wrong or rejoice in what went right? God showers this world in goodness all the time, and we need only to open our hearts to see it. Rejoice in everything that goes right in your life. Give thanks for it. And do your best to add your own goodness, kindness, and love to it as well. By doing this you will be helping God to make this Earth a lot more like Heaven.


Matt 21:12

I had a funny exchange with my morning Bible study today.  I asked a gentleman about the prospects for the search of our new pastor.  He responded with anger saying, “you can’t rush this.  It’s a sensitive process.”  I didn’t expect this response, and because he was clearly angered saying, essentially, “hey new guy, this is none of your business”,  I continued to press, “but couldn’t we get a temp?  I mean, if he doesn’t work out, we can simply say, it’s not working out, and peruse to the next guy on the list.”  He got even more angry at my persistence saying, “when I was a minister, I once took a vacation and had a temp for the two weeks.  When I returned, it took me years to un-do the damage he had done.  He had actually talked badly about the public school teachers and the union…”

At this point, I gave up.  I decided that this gentleman was indeed working up an impossible task.  You can’t find a person to lead the church that will please everyone.  Even Jesus was controversial in his day.

Jesus didn’t walk into the temple and say, “hey guys, this is not nice doing that here. Probably not a good idea…”

It’s not all about pacifism and letting the liberals have their way. Sometimes you just have to take a stand.

What do you think would happen if Jesus were to appear in your church next Sunday and say to people what he says in the Bible?



“A brood of vipers fit for hell”

Given how most churches expect you  to be “nice” I think there would be a rush to the pulpit to wrestle the microphone  from his hand.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk” we’d mutter scornfully.  We’d wag our fingers, reminding him of the supreme importance place on manners and appearances in this holy place.

Mothers would reach for that bar of soap to wash out his mouth, while reciting the unofficial church motto: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

“He really should be ashamed of himself.”

Shame is a big thing in the church.  It helps keep the newer guys in line. Keeps their heads down, Keeps them humble… supposedly.

Many believe in a soft, supple, always forgiving savior that is always passive and nice.  Sermons preached in the many churches today are designed to make Jesus appear always approachable, always calm, and endlessly patient.  That’s fiction right up there with The Da Vinci Code.  The mild Jesus has more to do with Eastern mysticism than with the Gospel record.  He did not remain above it all. He  brought  both conflict and division needed to shake  things up for our own good.

I’m not sure what to do.  Leave for a different church altogether,  or stick  it out and try to facilitate change.  I need a true “Bible church” that teaches the actual scripture and doesn’t deviate.  But to try to please everyone and be true to the scripture is impossible.

Dog Germs

First off, I will apologize because with my new format, I don’t seem to be able to write as much.  This is a work in progress.  The topics don’t seem to come to me as naturally as watching the news and then nearly letting my temporal blood vessel explode.  I don’t watch nearly as much news now.  The natural things that I deal with in my job as a nurse and such doesn’t  seem to come to the top of the list as easily.

But, enough of that blather on why I’m not performing my duty as a blogger…  The other day, I was sitting on my front porch watching people go by, in my “old curmudgeon” fashion, and my next door neighbor went by walking her dog.  Like any Portland liberal, she thinks of her dog as “her child.”  Once she stopped, the big, poorly behaved, golden lab turned and pulled hard on the leash to come up on my porch.  I frowned and growled and she pulled the dog back.  She said her hello, and knelt down in the middle of my yard and began to give her dog some “loving” as she petted him all over. The dog was happy to get the attention and proceeded to give her a bunch of “kisses” all over her face.

“He’s really a sweet dog,”  she said.

I responded with,  “you know that dog’s mouth is filthy.”

She looked confused,  “you know, a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth” she said with a smirk…

Well, the conversation went on from there, and I didn’t seem to win over a new friend.  I think it ended with, “Well, I am a nurse after all… and your dog still eats turds”

I reflected on this conversation and tried to think where this crazy notion came from.  My sister is a veterinarian and she would tell you the same.  Dog owners swear that “a dog’s mouth is clean,” and I’ve even heard,  “their saliva is much cleaner, and if you have a cut or anything, if they lick it, it helps heal the cut faster.”  Are you kidding me?  Think about where dogs put their mouths.  They eat garbage, and lick their privates and of other dogs too.  All you have to do is look, or watch and you can realize that this is not at all true.

Maybe some believe that a dogs mouths are cleaner because most of the bacteria teaming in a dog’s mouth is species-specific.  That is, a regular staph or strep bacteria that grows naturally in a dogs mouth is not necessarily transmissible to a human.

Another reason is the owners notice that after a dog licks a wound, the wound seems to heal fast.  But that’s because the dog’s tongue gets rid of the dead tissue.  It’s much like when a surgeon debrides a wound to get down to the healthy tissue.  The licking action also stimulates circulation and brushes away dead cells.  A wash and scrub with an antiseptic and a gauze does the same.

Your dog’s mouth is still filthy.

Format change

Blog restart 2.0

My blog has been shut down for quite some time now.  I have received many emails from concerned people asking if I was dead, in prison, sick, a host of crazy ideas.  Most of my followers have left.  I was attacked by,  well, I don’t know for sure. I got harassing letters, and I was tormented by the IRS, the ATF, and was put on the “always do the special treatment list” by the TSA.  It has been a calendar year and I’ve gotten a “non-audited” tax return. I have since traveled to Alabama by air and was treated just like any other “normal” passenger traveling by air.  It has been over a year since I’ve had to talk with anyone from the BATFE.  And now that Trump is in, Obama is out.  The crazy liberal bureaucrats in the government who have condoned conservative harassment in the first place are on their way out too.  With all of this to consider, I think it just might be safe for me to start my blog back up again.

I plan to attempt a slightly different format this time.  Previously, I have discussed politics pretty frequently.  For  this, I have made my apologies.  It seems that sometimes, things just happen in our American  government that makes my  head want to explode… and I feel compelled to talk about it.  Now I am going to attempt to talk  a little less about politics.  I know what you are thinking… “you’ve said this before.”   But now, it’s a little different.  I  have become more involved in my  church and I  want to really focus on my walk with Jesus.  And to start things off…

2 Timothy 2:4, You need not concern yourself with worldly matters but on the spiritual.  or Colossians 3:2,  Set your affection on things above, not on the affairs here on earth.  So, I think I have devoting way too much time to the politics and petty squabbles in our government.  I may still slip up and post something, especially if it’s one of those things that is so outlandish that it nearly makes my head explode.

Instead, as a slight change, I will try to post stuff on my religious discoveries as I study the Bible and grow in my faith.  I will also continue to post fun stuff and jokes, nursing stories and things about my work as a nurse.  I will also try to post helpful stuff about healthcare and how you can stay healthy.  As a bonus, and because I still love to reload ammo, go to the range, and compete in shooting events, I will post stuff relating to sports, hunting, fishing, and shooting.  Maybe I’ll post a few pics of cool stuff that I build in my workshop on occasion.

So, if you were one of the millions of followers that I once had in the past, I apologize for the change.  If you are new to visit, then welcome.

On This Day


Today is the anniversary of the Waco tragedy. The Waco siege was an attack on a compound belonging to the group Branch Davidians by federal law enforcement and US military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The Branch Davidians, a sect that separated in 1955 from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, was led by David Koresh and lived at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Elk, Texas. It was nine miles east-northeast of Waco., The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) said that they had broken the law causing a search and arrest warrant to be obtained and served. The action quickly escalated and resulted in a violent shootout. This action taken by Janet Reno and supported by President Bill Clinton. This group was suspected of weapons violations. But in reality, we will never know, as they were never allowed to go to trial. David Koresh along with his followers (76 adults and 26 children) were burned to death, on this day by the American federal government.

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